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Bee drawn by Jermin19.
Gender Female
Age 5
Species Powerpuff
Voiced by Ava Acres
Bee Lake is a city powerpuff which normally "hits first,ask questions never" type of person.She is 5 years old and "fights to live" in her words.Despite acting evil in majority of her appearances,she only means to stir up fun.She is also Marceline's best friend.

Personailty Edit

Bee's personality is described as a tough-bladed tom boy which takes time seriously and trys to live up her life now because all of 'us' will die someday.She loves to race and show off.Despite acting like she's on the dark side,her heart is in the right place and she loves to see 'You (Other people) happy.' She states she hates stress,although she normally gets herself in situations where a person would be stressed.She also stated her favorite thing to do is help orphans,backing up her kindness traits which she supposedly inherited from her mother Beatrice.She is a lover of all things exotic and still travels across the land often. She has a mischievous personality and is rarely intimidated. Despite seeming evil at first, her "evil plans" often turn out to be nothing more than elaborate jokes.Bee can be ostensibly unmoved and uncaring about what goes on around her, using such words as "sure," "whatever," and "fine" frequently. She can also be physically apathetic and unwilling to make an effort, unless its towards showing-off.

Bee is shown to rival against people easily.In Issue 2,she battled Bell just because she (Bee) said so.Later on she stole from Mandark's lab because he is evil. In Issue 4 she started drama between her and samantha because Samantha tried to prank her sister Amber. In her case, if someone hurts her or her loved ones she does everything in her power to break them down.

She is also very emotional,as the oppisite of Marceline,she has too much of an easy time expressing her feelings,and due to her honest traits,she normally gets people to hate her for what she really thinks of them. She wishes to be neutral with her feelings and not be totally truthful,for the fact it gets her in trouble.