Brake is a DangerDead Girl like her sisters Brooke and Beatrice


Brake is Goth (not that goth like her sisters),very Dangerous,the leader and powerful one on the team.She loves to beat up boys and the girls
(The RowdyRuff Boys and the PowerPunk Girls) and being very Tough.Brake and her sisters were created by Professor Plutonium,just like the PowerPunk Girls.Brake and her team are more powerful them the PowerPunk Girls.Her favourite color is blue and black.She not girly like the PowerfulHuff Girls and the PowerPuffy Girls.She kinda dress as the RowdyRuff Boys.Brake kinda thinks that she's having a relationship with Bernie.


  • Vast Superhuman Strength
    Bernie and Brake

    Brake's only friend that's a boy (Bernie)

  • Night Vision
  • Tornado
  • Triple Attack
  • Attack Pattern Alpha Omega Atari
  • Sonic Attack
  • Superspin
  • Fireballs