Brett is a RangerRed Boy like his Bro's Bernie and Bar.


Brett is the strongest one in the team.Brett dream career is to be a Wretler when he grows up.Brett is Beatrice's
male equivalent.His favourite color is red.Brett was the one that called the part of the team name "Red".Brett hates highlights.Eveyone has to know that Brett loves using his super strength powers because he's the strongest.Brett hates girls a lot he can do more powerful on the Powerpuff Girls episode "The Rowdyruff Boys".He kinda doesn't like hs Brother's because he thinks their crazy.Brett wears the same thing as the RowdyRuff Boys but on his arms,it has stripes.


  • Vast Superhuman Strength
  • Ability to breathe and survive in space
  • Fireballs
  • Survive in lava
  • Razzel Dazzle
  • Fast Ball Special
  • Acrobattack