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Dynamo is a member of Team Dynamite also being it's leader. She was formingly a robot, but was turned into a human powerpuff. Dynamo appears as one of the soldiers of The Princes and The Princesses. She appears in the video game series, Powerpuff Heroes.

Dynamo is the leader of Team Dinamite.She is the robot red powerpuff girl.Her ingreedent is Everything nice and a screwdriver.Her rowdyruff boy is Dinamite,and she named her team "Team Dynamite because she has a crush on Dinamite,but he dosent seem to like her so she sneakes over to his house and says,"Hiya Dinamite,you like me right?!".Before Dynamite can say anything,she says,"Of course you Dinamitey!"And she hugs him.She kinda gets on Dinamites nerves,but she tryes to be cute and kind.In one episode called,"Dynomos new friend"she met him and ate him.But that was when she was five,shes nine now,but still not mature.Dynamo is kind and she loves YOU!

Powerpuff Heroes seriesEdit

Powerpuff hero's,Dynamo and Jenny and Rainbow!Edit

Dynamo used to be a robot,but she got destroyed.Professer made a new recipe.Everything nice,bolts,nuts,one of blossom's bows,one of bubble's pig tail holder's,and a strand of buttercups hair and more nuts and bolts.TA DAAA!Dynamo and Jenny were born! Using their awesome robot powers,Dynamo and Jenny save the day! But,one day,Buttercup did'nt like that Blossom and Dynamo played and Bubbles and Jenny played,so in the middle of the night,she took professer out of his bed,and he sleep-walked all the way to the lab."Add spice,bolts,rainbows,nuts,and a knuckle sandwitch."ordered Buttercup."I will."said professer,like a zombie.So,he did.He also added chemical X.Suddenly,another robot was born."Hi."she said."Im rainbow".Buttercup was stunned."Wow! I'm Buttercup."said Buttercup."Wow! I'm Rainbow!"said Rainbow.They giggled."Buttercup....IM BUTTERCUP!"said Rainbow.",no,your not Buttercup,I am.Your Rainbow."explained Buttercup."IM RAINOW,CAUSE BUTTERCUP IS AN UGLY NAME IT STINKS!"yelled Rainbow."Umm okay..."stammered Butterup."Im a robot i can fly!"said Rainbow.So she flew to the PPG's bedroom."No bed for me!"she pouted.She crawled into buttercups bed.Buttercup shared her bed with her new sister.It was morning."Wake up,Wake up! Blossom wake up Bubbles wake up Buttercup wake up,the rest just wake up!"shouted Rainbow."Who is this?"asked Dyanamo."I think its a new robot."said Jenny."Yeah,I think its a new robot."said Rainbow."Im Dynamo and this is Jenny."said Dynamo."Im RAINBOWW!"said Rainbow."Hi Rainbow!"said Dynamo and Jenny."Im Everything nice and Jenny is sugar."said Dynamo."Im the spice!"said Rainbow.Dynamo,Jenny and Raibow played all day.They all played. Blossom played.Bubbles played.Buttercup played.Everyone played.And this is a Dynamo lesson for Buttercup,saying everyone can play together.

Dynamo and Jenny and Rainbow's adventure