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3006-123 Delta "Jenny" is a robot power created by King Utonium. In the Powerpuff Heroes video game series, she is placed as one of The Prince & Princess' soldier. Jenny is the second member of Team Dynamo.

Dynamo,Jenny and Rainbow make Team Dinamite.Jenny is Sugar and nuts (A part of a robot.) Jenny is the robot blue powerpuff girl. She is like Bubbles when she plays a is cute.She is like Blossom when she gets a great idea.She is like Buttercup when she punches hard.Shes mostly like bubbles cause shes cute and bubbley.Her favorite sister is Dynamo cause she has great ideas a lot and she is popular.Jennys rowdyruff boy is John.She is a sweet robot and loves YOU!

Powerpuff Heroes seriesEdit

Powerpuff hero's:Chapter one,Dynamo,Jenny and Rainbow.

Selena,Villoa,Alis,Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup had a meeting."Im not sure about Jenny."said Blossom and Selena."I'm not sure about Rainbow."said Bubbles and Villoa."Im not sure about Dynamo."said Buttercup and Alis."They are robots:and they are an odd team,this,"Team Dinamite,"dont you think so?"said Blossom."Maybe they could be good."said Villoa."I dont think we should take any chances.Remember when we thought the powerpunks were powerpuffs?They tricked us!"exclaimed Buttercup."True"said Selena."But Team Dinamite is good.They fight in he army."said Bubbles,acting like a know-it-all."Whos side are they on?"asked Alis."Ours,you sillies."said Bubbles,acting like a know-it-all,again."Stop acting all high and mighty,Bubbles."snapped Blossom."Im the only one that can do that"she said.Everyone giggled exept Bubbles."Whatever."she grumbled.Blossom got the computer out.She google searched,"Is Team Dinamite on Japan an America's side?".The answer was yes."Yes."she said."They are good." "Then lets make them powerpuffs!"said Bubbles,Buttercup,Selena,Villoa,and Alis at the same time.THE END.

Powerpuff hero's:Chapter two,three new powerpuff girls!

Blossom walked up to team Dinamites tree house.She rang the door bell."I'll get it!"said what sounded like Dynamo's voice."Hi"said Dynamo,as she opened the door."Come in!"she said.So,Blossom did."I was wondering if you could e a powerpuff girl."asked Blossom."Eheheh,just a second.TEAM DINAMITE HUDDLE!"she shouted.They huddled in a corner."Blossom wants to know if we want to be powerpuff girls.Should we accept?"whispered Dynamo."Sure! It will be a good chance to use our ultra super robot powers!"whispered Jenny."Yeah! And I wanna see Buttercup!"whipered Rainbow,punching."Ok,thats settled.Were powerpuff girls!"whispered Dynamo.She flew up to Blossom."We would love to be Powerpuffs! It would be a perfect chance to use our powers,plus,Rainbow is DIEING to see Buttercup!"said Dynamo."Great! Lets go!"said Blossom.They girls flew to the house."Girls! I would like you to meet three new powerpuff girls!"said Blossom."Hello! I'm Dynamo! Im red!"said Dynamo,doing a curtsie."Ello govna.Im Jenny! Im blue!"said Jenny."Hi Buttercup! Its me,Rainbow! Im gray!"said Rainbow.THE END