Mabel was watching Powerpuff Girls."Dipper,come look at this!!"called Mabel."What?"asked Dipper,walking towards Mabel."Look at this AWESOME show on Netflix!"shouted Mabel."Powerpuff Girls?Mabel,this stuff's for five-year-olds."said Dipper,sounding dissapointed."No its not! Just watch."dissagreed Mabel."Fine."grumbled Dipper,sitting down next to Mabel.Mabel pointed to Blossom."See her?See her? She's Blossom. She's my favorite."said Mabel,exitedly.Mabel took her finger off the screen."Who's that?"asked Dipper,pointing to Brick."Oh,that's Brick.He's the leader of the RowdyRuff Boys."explained Mabel."He's cool."said Dipper.Mabel smiled."So you like PPG now?"asked Mabel."Sort of."admited Dipper.There was a weird,flashing glow coming from the window."What's that?"asked Mabel."I dunno.Let's go check it out."replied Dipper.Mabel and Dipper went outside.Suprisingly,they saw Bill."Hey, kids."said Bill,smirk on his face."I see you were watching Powerpuff Girls."he teased."YEA!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!"shouted the twins."I wish I were Blossom!"said Mabel."I wish I were Brick!"said Dipper."Oh,really?"snickered Bill.Bill made a portal.He grined,and the portal sucked Mabel and Dipper in it."WOAHHHHHHHH!"they screamed as the swirled the the portal.They arrived in the City of TownsVille.