Pretty Jojo: is the daughter of Butch and Princess.She is also reffered to as the next generation Princess Morbucks.

Personality: A spoiled,selfish,punky,rowdy,annoying brat who only cares about herself.She thinks she can buy everything she wants with money.She really wants to be a Tumble Tuff Girl but the girls won't let her join because she's a rowdy,spoiled brat.

Apperence:Pretty has forest green eyes,and fierey red hair,she even has freckles on her face.Her hair is worn in spiky pigtails.She wears a forest green dress with a black X on it just like Bloom and Bella.She wears a golden crown on her head as well.When she's not in her Tumble Tuff Girl outfit she's wearing a forest green shirt with a black skirt and black maryjanes.

Likes:causing crime,the villains,money,getting her way,being rich,being a showoff,being a bully

Dislikes:being defeated,not being able to be a Tumble Tuff Girl,not getting her way,getting grounded,not getting money,being called a rowdy,spoiled brat,Bloom,Bella,Blaze aka TThe Tumble Tuff Girls