Team powerhouse is a small group of children made by professor cog they protect the city of underville their members include new Bonnie and Brent


Professor cog a divorced mother tried to mimic the powerpuff girls since he was jealous of utonium's creations cog was very shady she saw her children as better and the ppg as obsolete the day she made them using  sugar salt and toys

  • Bonnie: The oldest of the group Bonnie is honest yet she likes to show off fashion Bonnie's color is grey her hairstyle is black alongside some bangs, her element is sugar.
  • Bea: The second oldest of the group she is considerably the smartest but also rude she has red as her main color her element is salt,her hair is black
  • Brent: The youngest he likes playing with toys he often argues with his sisters and is occasionally mocked by the rowdyruff boys his color is purple,he has brown hair and his element is toys