The Angerpuff Girls

Ire, Fury, and Choler

History== Once there was a man with cholera walking on the street. He went to a lava pool. Something in the lava made his cigarette lighter turn on and it fell into the bubbling liquid since he dropped it in shock. Then his fever got worse and for some reason, the lava seemed to be absorbing the heat. He then upchucked, but only the Vibrio Cholerae fell into the lava. Then the man, out of frustration from his pain kicked an old bottle of pepper spray into the lava pool. Then three girls sprang out of the lava, unharmed and filled with rage. One was a blonde, made of the feverish heat. Another was a redhead, fashioned from the flame of the lighter. The last was raven-haired, composed and enhanced with Vibrio Cholerae. They used a stolen thesaurus to gain their names. The blue girl became Fury, the reddish-orange Ire, and the electric green Choler. 

So basically, they are made of heat, bacteria, flames, and pepper spray. Plus lava.


Ire is the reddish-orange girl, Blossom's countepart. She has a cordovan colored headband in place of Blossom's bow and unlike her, has a hot temper. Ire is the Flames of the group.