The CorruptedSpark Girls are Roseangelheaven456's OCs. They are the evil counterparts of the Purebolt Girls, who were created after the CSG. They were created by Prof. Farrell, who had used the Powerpuff Girls as an inspiration. They live in the hometown of Eastrift.

Barren Edit

Barren is the leader of the group. She's sly, cunning, and quite arrogant. She's has orange hair with a scarlet red part in the center. She has scarlet red eyes and a dark red shirt, covered by a black jacket. Barren wears a silver bracelet on her left arm and she has dark blue jeans, along with black sneakers.

Beetle Edit

Beetle is the dumbest, but the most 'seductive' out of the three. She wears a navy blue jacket with short sleeves, unzipped, which exposes a black crop-top underneath. She has blonde hair tied in two long ponytails, held by two bows which resemble two bones crossing a skull. Beetle wears black heels and a black skirt, along with white stockings and fishnet stockings over the white stockings.

Blitz Edit

Blitz is the most brutal and violent one out of the group when it comes to fighting. She has raven black hair and dark sea green eyes, along with a dark sea green jacket with torn sleeves and unzipped, revealing a black tank top, and a dark sea green bandana she wears over her head. She usually wears her hair in a ponytail. Blitz wears two black spiked bracelets, and some of those spiked 'bracelet' stuff on her ankles. She wears gray pants.