The CutiePuff GirlsB

Bubbles-Bubbles is the leader of the CutiePuff Girls,and also the youngest and cutest.Bubbles has blonde hair pulled up in two cute pigtails,and also light blue eyes.Bubble's superpower is talking to animals,and using Ultra Super Duper Bubbly Bubble Sound.

Bunny-Bunny is the deputy of the CutiePuff Girls,and also the second youngest.Bunny has brown hair pulled back into a pigtail and also has purple eyes.Bunny's superpower is charming people.

Bellakit-Bellakit is the warrior of the CutiePuff Girls,and the oldest.Bellakit has light brown hair,pulled into a side-pontail,and she also has light lavender eyes.Bellakit's superpower is turning into animals.She is also Bunny's twin.