The DaringFun Girls

Belgium-Belgium is the leader and the most tomboyish.She is daring and really fun!She loves waffles and likes getting in trouble and doing daring things.Her arrogance can get her in trouble,but she shruggs it off and smiles,and is nonetheless happy.Belgium likes showing good girls how to "live",as she calls it,and have fun,like her tiny friend,Liechtenstein,or Lills,as Belgi calls her.Her real name is Emma.

Seychelles-Seychelles is the deputy and the most humurous.She likes cracking jokes and teasing,but isn't very mean.She's smart and fun,knowing how to have a good time WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE.YES,I'M LOOKING AT YOU,BELGIUM!She sometimes argues with Belgium,but Taiwan usually breaks them up.She likes doing new things,and is adventurous,but thinks before she acts.Her real name is Michelle.

Taiwan-Taiwan is the warrior,and also the cutest and most carefree.She likes having some fun with her girls,and going shopping for kawaii clothes.She is also the girliest of the trio.She hates it when Bella and Seych fight,and tries to break up the fight as well as she can.Taiwan is a bit michevous,using her charm and cuteness to get what she wants.She's sweet,and her real name is Xiao Mei,or Mei-chan,as she likes to be called.