The DarkenDead GirlsEdit

The DDG's are 3 havoc wreaking girls. They are made out of acid, trash, and everything negative. Their names are Bernadette, Belle, and Bash. They are the most horrible little girls ever. They each wear a crop top that is above the navel with a black lace stripe through it and a black lace skirt that billows out. Their shoes are black hooker boots. Each one hates love and peace, but Belle is known to be a little kind sometimes. Bash has a throbbing cruelness that cannot be pushed. Their colors are burgundy, navy, and pine green.


Bernadette is the leader of the DarkenDead girls. She loves to bully. Her hair is red and reaches to the ground. It has a spiked red crown accessory and the back of her hair has a bat hairclip. Bernadette's signature color is burgundy and her element is everything negative. Her demeanor is mean, sassy, vain, cruel, and raging.


Belle is the girliest DDG. She likes building high block buildings then knocking them down like Godzilla. She is very bossy despite Bernadette being the leader. Her hair is blonde white, in two braids. They are held by two gnarly blue clasps and the braids have thorny vines twisted into them. In her hair at the top is a wilted rose. Belle can be concerned about looks too much. Her color is navy and her element is acid.


Bash is the most crude DDG. Her manners are imperfect. She has black Adele style hair in with green streaks and a string of poison ivy in it. Sometimes she is very rotten to her sisters. She never shares and is very obstinate. Her color is pine green and her element is trash.