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Bee and Boo

The twins move to NagVille where they meet PowerfulPunchy Girls they sometimes team up in battles and sometimes turn against each other (in play fights and it gets to rough). They have 2 pet cats called Beisty and Beatle-juice one is black with red eyes and white claws (Beatle-juice) the other cat is a white cat with purple eyes and black claws (Beisty). Beatle-juice is male Beisty is feamale...


Bee's PowersEdit

  • Fire breath
  • flying
  • speed increce
  • dark punch (sucks up there streangh and )

Boo's PowersEdit

  • Ice breath
  • flying
  • speed increse
  • bright punch (blinds enimes and damages them but not a lot)


Boo and Bee are really girly they are just like each other. They are mischeifious and cute at the same time they call themselves double trouble mainly because theres two and there extremeley troublesome but arnt villains! If there was a programme about Nagville they, save the day of Nagville they, would be the main charictders of the programme.Bee loves fire unlike her twin Boo that is there only difference and the girls even speak at the same time but they argue alot about whats better and girly stuff like hair dresses and ice or fire is the most awsome!