The DynamiteDare GirlsEdit

The DynamiteDare Girls are the positive counterparts of the DarkenDead Girls. The DDRE's were made from silk, explosives, and everything strong. They look a little like delinquents but do good. Their names are Block, Banshee, and Base, They are the most powerful team in my fan art. Block and Base are tomboys and Banshee is emo. They appear violent but they only use strength for self defense and fighting crime. Their colors are vivid red, dark blue, and deep green.


Block is the coolest girl on your street! She can fight really well and is the leader of the team. She


Block, rolling her eyes

has two auburn pigtails and wears a red T-shirt with a bomb on it, a black skirt, and Mary Janes. Block is the second strongest and her logic is off the charts. Her counterpart is Bernadette. Block's color is brighter than her evil equivalent's. Also. she is a tech savvy one and her favorite online game is World War Craft. Her element is everything strong and her color is vivid red, unlike Bernadette's dull burgundy.


Banshee is like Belle, except a good guy! She has orange yellow hair held by a turquoise Scrunchie. She is the quiet girl and is very emotional, which causes Base to wonder if Banshee is her sister. Banshee is the weakest link but pretty strong. Her outfit is a blue tangtop with a black angled stripe, a skirt with leggings, and two delicate shoes. Unlike her equivalent, Banshee likes to dress casual instead of in lace and plants in hair. Her color is dark blue and her element is silk.

Banshee, making an eye movement and slouching




Base, punching

Base is Bash's equivalent. She is the most tomboyish of the three and is loud, rowdy, and clever. Base's hair is neck length and spiky. Her outfit is a green headband labeled "No.1", a boy shirt that says "Bring it on", jeans, and sneakers. Bash can be mistaken for a boy sometimes and likes to play World War Craft, like Block. She can tease RowdyRuff Boys by saying, "I'm a RowdyRuff Girl!" and intimidate Banshee. Her color is deep green, which is brighter than her evil counterpart's. Her element is explosives.