The FlowerPower Girls are the sweetest girls in the whole world! They are superheros and also side-kicks of the Powerpuff Girls.

Rose-Rose is the leader and side-kick of Blossom. Her color is hot pink and she is made of Everything With Pretty Petals.

Tulip-Tulip is the sweetest and side-kick of Bubbles. Her color is light blue and she is made of Sweet Polen.

Lily-Lily is the toughest and side-kick of Buttercup. Her color is lime green and she is made of Closing Petals.

Daffodil-Daffodil is the coolest and side-kick of Baloon. Her color is pretty violet and she is made of Flower Sproutlings.

Sunflower-Sunflower is the cutest and side-kick of Baby. Her color is bright yellow and she is made of Polen-Dusted Petals.

Petunia-Petunia is the most aggresive and side-kick of Blizzard. Her color is snowy white and she is made of Ice-Covered Flowers.

Marigold-Marigold is the shyest and side-kick of Beauty. Her color is bold orange and she is made of A Bouquet Of Flowers.