The gangsterground girls

The GangsterGround Girls, flying in comet form

The GangsterGround Girls== The GGG's are the female equivalents of the RRB's. They are a bit tougher and smarter.They were made by Jan, a girl monkey who got jealous of the RRB's creator. The GangsterGround Girls have 2 forms: Puff form and Comet form. Their names are Bombshelle, Banisha, and Barbarian. Their ingredients are lipstick, deodorant, and everything ghastly. They wear a top with black stripe, short skirt, and Mary Janes.


Bombshelle is the leader of the team and has a major crush on Brick. She loves ballet. Bombshelle is the second girliest. Her hair is long and red like her counterpart's. It is put in a long ponytail by a skull barette. Her signature color is orange. Her element is everything ghastly. Her name was gotten because she was very vain and hotheaded which was proved by her first brag.


Bombshelle, ballet dancing.

Bombshelle is like Blossom exept a little more Bossy.She's really into goth so she wears a skull pony tail.She dislikes Bubbles cause she thinks Bubbles is a sissy.At times,she and Blossom study together and play.She was named bombshelle because professer was gonna name her racshelle,but right when she was born,she let out a rude comment like a bomb.Thus,she was named Bombshelle.She has orange hair just like Blossom.She has a Blossom voice exept sassier.yup,way sassier!

             Name:Bombshelle   Age:Six   Color:Orange


Banisha is the second member and is friends with Boomer. She has two yellow pigtails held by purple bands. She is cute but is capable of destroying. Banisha is the girliest. Her name was recieved because Banisha could banish people from an area. Her color is blue and her element is lipstick.

Banisha is girlier then Bubbles and is very charming.She was named Banisha because when she was born,Bararian was being mean,so Banisha said,"I will banish you!"in a really cute voice.Her name was going to be Tirisha,but professer changed it.Professer keeps a secret vidio tape of her saying that,and he listins to it.She has a Bubbles voice,exept a little higher.She has purple pig tails and yellow hair.


Cute Banisha


Barbarian is the final member of the GangsterGround Girls. She is tomboy and bedlam. Her hair is spiked and short. She also treasures a spiked club which people call a cave stick. She is violent and especially ferocious to gentlemen. She got her na

me from reckless, destructive, and barbaric behavior. Also the cave stick. Barbarian's color is green.


Barbarian is like Buttercup exept more rowdy.She got her name from rowdy and tuff and bullying Barbarian.Professer was gonna name her Julian,but decided no.She was also born with a cave stick.Her and Buttercup secrely have a Happy,happy pegasus club.They watch it too.Barbarian is Glitterhoves and Buttercup is Shinytail.LOL :). She dislikes Bubbles just like her sister,Bombshelle cause she thinks Bubbles is a sissy too.She has black hair just like buttercup.


Barbarian when she catches you with her cave stick