Dipper and Mabel were fighting Gideon and Pacifica."Why won't you guys just leave us alone?!"shouts Mabel.Gideon and Pacifica snicker and Dipper says,"What are you laughing about?!" Gideon and Pacifica laugh some more and say,"YOU TWO!!!" Mabel and Dipper exchange a look.Mabel takes the Shooting Star off her sweater,and Dipper takes the Pine Tree of his hat.Mabel and Dipper threw their symbols up in the air,and they started swirling around eachother.The Shoothing Star and Pine Tree combined,and made one,big,boomerang.The boomerang swang around Gideon,and wacked him in the head.Then,it swrirled around Pacifica,and smacked her in the head.