The Olderpuff Girls were accedentally created by the Professer when he was just starting to get into science.They are made of Whipped Cream,Boxing Gloves,Nerdy Glasses,and,of course,a lot of chemical X.They are the Powerpuff Girls's older and slightly more mature sisters.

Brainiac-Brainiac is the leader of the group.Her color is hot pink and her hair is dark orange.She wears nerdy glasses and she is slightly more mature than Blossom.Brainiac loves books and she wears a red headband as a cute touch to her PPG-like outfit.Her ingredient is Nerdy Glasses.

Beauty-Beauty is the sassiest of the group.Her color is dark blue and her hair is dirty blonde.She loves fashion and she wears big,sparkley dark blue pigtail holders that really make her dark blue PPG-like dress stand out.Her ingredient is Whipped Cream.

Buttercrush-Buttercrush is the most violent of the group.Her color is deep green and her hair is jet-black.She loves boxing and she has a strip of deep green in her hair that makes her eyes shine and look ferocious.Her ingredient is Boxing Gloves.