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The PlasmaPunk Tomboys== The PPTBs are never girly. They were made by Professor Goodguy (the REAL Ima Goodlady's brother) to bring the RRBs down. The recipe was Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tail AND Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice. This made them twice as powerful as the PPG, RRB, and PPnkG. The PlasmaPunk Tomboys were named Elly, Explode, and Execute. Their colors are red, blue, and green. Each tomboy likes to mock their counterpart. Their motto is 'The Quiet, The Tough, The Awesome'. Their outfit is a T-Shirt with a black stripe, black pants, and sneakers. In Classic version they are the JumpyJuice Girls and their names are Bertha, Bee, and Bedlam.



Elly, the awesome

Elly is the leader. Her counterpart is Brick. She was named because it was not that girly, like her. Elly has short red hair unlike Brick's longer hair. She does have the same cap. She is more Jock than Punk. Her favorite things to do are biking and teasing the PowerPunk Girls. Elly has a slight resemblance to Brash, a character on another site because of her cap, hair, and color. She can go ballistic when forced to wear a dress-her PPTB uniform is more comfortable. Her color is red, like her counterpart's and her two ingredients are Puppy Dog Tail and Everything Nice.



Explode is quiet. Is she THAT cute, Boomer? I don't think so!

Explode is Boomer's ex-equivalent. She is nasty to Boomer, especially when he shows his crush on her. She has short blonde hair that is neatly parted. Explode can explode at times-leading to her name. She is a big tomboy like her 2 sisters, but she can cry during tragic moments. She is equally Jock and Punk. Explode likes to tease PPnkG and RRB. Her color is blue. Her recipe ingredients are Snips and Sugar. She displays more of Snips and less of Sugar. Explode likes Scootering, too.



Execute, the tough. Watch out Butch she's gonna kick your butt!

Execute is Butch's counterpart. She is named for executing good fights. She scares Butch. Her black hair is short and spiky. Her favorite activities are skateboarding and mocking RRB's. Brute from the PPnkG is jealous of her. Execute is the most boyish member of the PPTB. She hates people calling her a young lady and usually beats them up when they do. Her most hated classmate is a boy named Randall Bradford III. Execute has shown to like vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and mini gumballs. Her color is green. Her elements are Snails and Spice. She is a combo of both.