The PlumyProud GirlsEdit

The PlumyProud Girls were made out of sweet syrup, cinnamon, everything dignified, and Chemical X. They were made as cousin figures to the`PowerPuff Girls. The PPG's names were Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, so the PPRG's names were Blooms, Breath, and Butternut. Their colors were hot pink, pale blue, and lime green. Each PlumyProud Girl is very similar to their counterpart. They wear a T-shirt with a black stripe in the middle, a black skort, and black sandals.


Blooms is Blossom's equivalent. She is the group leader and since she and her sisters are triplets, Blooms was the first one to be created and the most mature. She likes having the role as an oldest child and is the most mature. Blooms is a redhead like her counterpart and her hair trails behind her like a short cape. There is a pair of ribbons on each side of her hair, curled like Blossom's bow. Her bangs are like her counterpart's. Blooms' element is everything dignified and her color is hot pink, which is slightly darker and more intense than Blossom's color.


Breath is equivalent to Bubbles. She is the least mature and loves having the role as the baby. Her hair is blonde with two pigtails each falling down to her lower cheek in a neat, straight form. She is very naive like her counterpart and likes to play dolls. Breath almost hates fighting and is the most polite of her sisters. Her color is pale blue, which is more light and delicate than Bubbles' color. Breath;s element is sweet syrup. She is often intimidated by her two more mature sisters.


Butternut is like Buttercup. She is often portrayed as the middle child. She is more mature than Breath but less than Blooms. She is the tomboy of her group. Her hair is black and in a cropped cut. It is the shortest of the three hairstyles. Breath is sometimes scared of Butternut because she can be reckless and stubborn. She doesn't have the greatest ideas, but she is very fun. Butternut's color is lime green, which is a little brighter than her counterpart's. Her element is cinnamon.