The Psycopunk Girls are a trio of villains who want to take over the entire universe. They are spoiled brats who care about themselves & money. They will be in the spin-off, Powerpuff Adventures. Their creator and dad is Professor Neptunium.


The leader of the Psychopunks. Whenever Bridget or Bria ignore her, she comes up to their faces and say "You can't ignore me..." in a mean way. She is spoiled and self-centered, as she gets what she wants. She is smart like Blossom, but bossy and a I-do-what-I-want girl. She is like Robin from Teen Titans GO! (2013) except a little more bossier than Robin


  • Laser Vision - If only she's mad
  • Energy Blast - Her signature Power
  • PsycoPunk Attack (only works if with Bridget and Bria)
  • Cryokinesis - Ocasionally uses this power.
  • Power Absorption - Only works on people she hates (Like Rogue and Jubilee from X-Men)
  • Weather Manipulation - She just loves to do that, but she rarely uses it.


The perky and rowdy one of the Psychopunks. She loves to play pranks on her sisters (mostly Breanna). She loves to mess around with Bria and Breanna, even though neither one of them like to. She is self-centered and mean spirited. Bridget can sometimes be aggressive. She said she has a "Bridget Charm" though she doesn't use the charm. Bridget loves Krewella. she is like Pablo from the Davincibles


  • Energy Blasts
  • Laser Vision
  • Blue Pyrokinesis
  • Reality Warping - Rarely Uses
  • PsycoPunk Attack (Only works if with Breanna and Bria)
  • Vocifery
  • Cosmic Weather Control


The dark one of the group. She doesn't like that her dad, Professor Neptunium, is constantly lecturing her about standing up to her potential. She has way more boyfriends and wannabes then Bridget does (Bridget can't stand that fact). Though self-centered and sarcastic, she likes her sisters. She is like Raven from Teen Titans 2013.


  • Mind Control
  • Vocifery - never uses
  • Green Pyrokinesis
  • PsycoPunk Attack (Only works if with Breanna and Bridget)
  • Laser Vision
  • Energy Blast