Hatsune Miku-Hatsune Miku is sweet and likes music a lot.She sings a lot and likes to hang out with Jenny,since they are both robots, and can relate to eachother.Hatsune Miku is very cute and understanding,and helps Jenny as much as she can.Miku and Jenny are like sisaters,Hatsune Miku being the older one.She has long, Aqua-blue hair pulled into two pigtails and light blue-aqua eyes.

Jenny-Jenny is sweet and sassy,being a tiny bit...stuck up at times,her being a moody teenager,of course.She likes to think of Hatsune Miku as her best friend and older sister,and likes to talk to her about her problems,Miku listening to every word carefully,not interuppting once.Jenny has short,Teal-blue hair and onyx-colored eyes.