The Starshine Girls! From left to right: Sapphire, Starlight, Sage

The Starshine Girls are the sweetest girls you will ever meet! But when the time comes, they will do anything to protect their town.

Starlight (Everything Nice)Edit

The self-proclaimed leader of the group, Starlight is a smart and kind Starshine. She loves books much like Blossom, the Powerpuff Girl. She can sometimes be bossy and annoying, but she'll always come around. Her Dynaflame equivalent is Slash.

Sapphire (Sugar)Edit

Sapphire is the sweetest Starshine of the group. But she can also be very spicy. Sometimes, Professor Plutonium wonders if she actually was the ingredient spice. She will protect her town and may shoot you with her laser eyes if you call her super girly. Her Dynaflame equivalent is Solar. 

Sage (Spice)Edit

Sage is a sweet Starshine, but she can also be very stubborn. But that is good when it comes to fighting crime. She is also the smartest of the trio. Her Dynaflame equivalent is Snake.