Hungary-Hungary is the leader of the StrongWoman Trio,and is by far the strongest.Her weapon is her Swinging Frying Pan,of which she uses to hit enimies with.She is responsible and sweet once you get to know her.She's very strong and persistant in battle,but loses her temper easily.

Vietnam-Vietnam is the deputy of the StrongWoman Trio,and is the most experienced.Her weapon is her Rice Paddle,of which she swiftly hits her enemy with.She is a warrior and a samurai,and rarely smiles.Vietnam's strategy is keeping her cool,and knowing the exact moment to strike.

Belarus-Belarus is the warrior of the StrongWoman Trio,and is the fastest and scariest.Her weapon is her Knife,of which she will usually not use,she just shows it to scare people away.She is a stone-cold beauty,a bad girl with a big heart.Her motivation in battle is protecting those that she loves.(Daaaaaaaw~)