The Strongershit Girls are the anti-counterparts of The Strongershine Girls. When The Powerpunk Girls were born, The Strongershine Girls were also born.


After the Powerpunk Girls were created, The SSDE were created. Like The Powerpunk Girls, they cause nothing but destruction. The Strongerside Girls had always caused trouble towards The City of Villdand.

Team MembersEdit


The self-proclaim leader of the group, who is also Bunny's counterpart. One of the things that are different between Bunny & Bully is Bunny's always curious about the things around while Bully acts intelligent and can careless wondering around. Bully is mischiveous and enjoys pranking others. Bully has a slightly longer ponytail than Bunny; she wears a black tanktop that goes with a dark purple, also wears blue jeanpants.


The vain one of the group, who is Bell's counterpart. One of the main differences between Bell and Beauty is that Beauty is more of a fearless person who never cries, while Bell cries and acts timid at times. Beauty is more vain about her appearance. Beauty has long white hair that is slightly than Bell's and wears a pink bow; Beauty also wears a sleeveless pink tanktop that has a purple skirt.


The sarcastic one of the group, who is Banana's counterpart.