The VigorPunk Girls are anti-counterparts of the PowerPuff Girls. Their ingredients are Blood, Mud, and Rotten Tomatoes. Their names are Bedlam (very dark pink), Ballistic (dark blue), and Belligerent (leaf green). Their hair sort of looks like the PowerPuff Girls hair but it's very spiky. The VPG are usually seen doing bad things to other bad guys like the RowdyRuff Boys because all the bad boys have crushes on them. Their uniforms are a black dress with their signature color stripe and signature color sneakers. Their male good counterparts are the ProperRyte Boys, Blockhead, Bruising, and Bleak.


Bedlam is the leader and is very crazy. She does not appreciate Brick and Blockhead's crushes on her, usually rejecting or bullying them. Her hair is orange and put in the same ponytail as Berserk's, except longer. It has a pink highlight running down the middle in place of ribbons. If you get past her without a bruise on your butt you are very lucky. She is usually scowling especially near counterparts. She is nice to her sisters but not most other people! Bedlam's element is rotten tomatoes.


The least but still very hostile member. She is the one most people trust because of slight cuteness but lots still say "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! IT'S A VIGORPUNK GIRL! RUN!" She mocks Boomer and Bruising for being so flirty and will mostly punch any lovers, even 'posers' her own age. Ballistic will execute a good fight when needed. Her main activity is throwing sticks at RowdyRuff Boys posters. She is only nice to family and 'friends'. Her hair is half blue and half blonde with pigtails like Brat's, but with spiked ends. Ballistic's ingredient is blood.

Belligerent Edit

Belligerent is the toughest fighter and meanest VigorPunk Girl. Butch and Bleak are usually beat up by her. She has black hair a little bit longer than Buttercup's with spiky ends. She is mean to everyone unless Bedlam, Ballistic, and her are going to the movies. Belligerent lives up to her name and is a tomboy. Her sisters are Emo and Goth. Her element is mud.