Tumble Tuff Girls: they are the next generation heroes of Townsville


Bloom: The daughter of Blossom and Boomer.She is the smartest and the leader of the group.She has blonde hair with red streaks,purple  eyes,and wears a combat blue bow.She likes destruction (shared with Boomer),reading,crime fighting,her cousins,and Chinese.She dislikes Pretty Jojo,Uh Oh Jojo,the Ganggrape Gang,and the next generation villains,losing,being considred unsmart,not being write,being called dumb on occasions.She wears a light pink dress.

Bella:The daughter of Bubbles and Kody she has dark blue eyes,dirty blonde hair,and wears a dark blue dress.She likes toys,stuffed animals,her cousins,fighting crime,being called cute,.She dislikes Pretty Jojo,Uh Oh Jojo,the GanggrapeGang,any next generation villain,being called weak,being considred a big baby,being bullied

Blaze: The daughter of Buttercup and Brick.She has black hair with orange streaks,brown red eyes,and wears a red and brown blouser,and a black hat.She likes destruction(like her dad),crimefighting,being the toughest,her cousins,explosions,rock music,boy toys,and video games.She dislikes Pretty Jojo,Uh Oh Jojo,any next generation villain,losing a fight,being bullied,liver and onions,Bella being a big crybaby,and having no action.