Dear anyone reading this,

Hi.You can call me DA SMORE RAINBOW OF STARBUCKSNESS AND LLAMANESS, or just RAINBOW SMORE for short.So I am writing this because I can't find my journal,and I really need a place where I can get all my stress out.Thank you.

So I'm really...stressed,I guess.I'm taking a "vacation" on all my work and studies and all dat stupid stuff.But everytime I try to relax,it makes me want to do even more work!BUT I SERIOUSLY NEED A FACING VACATION!Crudmonkies...ugh.I CANT EVEN...And I also can't find my facing WORK/STUDIES journal,so that's JUST GREAT.But still...

At least I can try to have fun on this "relaxing" vacation.

But it's seriously hard.I really want to work...I would if I could but I can't and I don't want to and I do want to,and I'm really confused.Well,writing this is making me feel better,so thank you for reading this or whateverz...BUT STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.I'm just trying to feel better...llamas i bet none of you can relate to this....if you can,awesome.....well,not really awesome but I'm glad I'm maybe not alone...YAY! Ugh I'm really stupid...

ALSO,why da heck am I working in the Summer...I guess sometimes it makes me feel smart and it's kinda fun...It helps me express myself a bit...Wow,it's really late...WHATEVER THIS IS MY LIFE!

Well,I have to go,bye!I'll check in again 2morrow